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How did you get started in photography?

Ever since I was a child I was fully immersed in art. My father taught me how to shoot on film at a very young age. Upon moving to North Carolina I taught myself how to use Adobe Photoshop as a kid. At the time I did this to facilitate the artistic needs for my musical projects. I had no idea it would spawn into a career one day.

Where did you take some of your first photos and how did you turn it into a career?

My teenage years and 20’s were spent traveling all around the World playing rock ‘n’ roll music and taking photos. After a Japanese tour I decided it was time to finish up my Bachelors Degree. I graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2009 (BSBA) and that’s when everything came full circle. Marketing, design and pro-photography all go hand in hand so I began to hone my skills. I became well versed with all types of studio lighting and learned how to adapt to every situation. Since then I’ve had multiple solo gallery exhibitions and have been published worldwide.

What are some of your most memorable photos and shoots?

Touring and photographing in China with a Wrestling team was a blast. After a few dates on the tour they made me part of the show. The “American Photographer” who helps the injured players out of the ring. We were all treated and received really well. 

Working with the band American Aquarium on their music video for “Tough Folks” was a blast. We shot it at an abandoned NASCAR race track which I had previously snuck into on my own. It was a time capsule from when it shut down in 1996. Best part: they even let me take my Jeep on a spin around the track a few times.

In my free time I gently trespass into old abandoned mental hospitals and other weird and wonderful places. As a self-proclaimed history nerd, the vibe of old buildings really speaks to me and the thrill of the sneak-in is fun. I always wonder “What have these walls seen? What if they could talk…” While I’m not one for tall tales, I definitely know spirits and energy do exist; I have seen them and felt it. I may have also had to run from attack dogs, jump fences, dodge the police, and explain myself a few times. A few property owners who were initially not stoked that I snuck in ended up purchasing my photos afterwards. #worthit

What do you like to photograph in your personal time?

I sneak into a lot of abandoned buildings and document them for my “off the clock” photography. I like anything old and historical. I also like working with my friends. Spur of the moment type fun shoots, Cool outfits and fun concepts. As of lately my daughters are getting to an age where they will pose for me. I’ve been shooting them since birth but I am including them in different art and music projects.

What do you do when you’re not taking photos?

In my spare time I live quietly, spending time with my twin daughters, guiding them and facilitating their artistic skills. I play guitar and try my best to sing along with them. I am a music nerd through and through and an enthusiast of Jeeps, Harley’s and Pizza. I love tinkering with guitars and playing with my band.

What do you attribute your success to?

The repeating factors of my life have been application, discipline and focus. I pride myself on my work ethic, skill set, being easy to work with, and always meeting even the toughest deadlines. So it is basically a story of a lot of good opportunities, and taking advantage of those opportunities. Then working really damn hard, knowing that there was no choice for me other than to work hard. “The harder you work the luckier you get” 

What do you want your future clients to know?

I’m just a normal, down to earth, easy to work with guy who has a cool job. I like collaborating on ideas with clients while keeping an open and fun environment. I want everyone to feel comfortable and a part of the process. I pride myself on my name and my work and I stand behind everything I do. I always strive for the absolute best finished product. I work great under pressure and I always meet the tightest deadlines.




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